“Our clients’ business needs always dictate the technological solution, not the other way round. We aim to put technology in the service of maximum business productivity and competitive advantage.” -  Warren Berg, Vice-President, Information Technology

Glenbriar is a full-service information technology company that aligns strategic business goals with optimal IT solutions to enable today’s small, medium and large business enterprises stay competitive in an ever-changing technological environment.

At Glenbriar, we understand that whatever the technological need, business success depends on long-term strategy, not product purchases. As such, we offer reliable strategic direction on everything from initial technology design and budgeting to full implementation and ongoing support.

Along with our consulting services, Glenbriar’s experienced teams of IT professionals also provide a full range of managed services that include service desk and end-user support, 24/7 monitoring, preventive maintenance, life-cycle management, perimeter defence, enhanced reporting and regular upgrading.

Contact us today to learn more about how Glenbriar’s comprehensive IT services can enhance client loyalty, improve your bottom line, and increase overall competitiveness.