Discover how simple it is to empower a Mobile Workforce

Nov 6, 2016

Fall is my favorite time of year, I love the drama of the season with its changing colors and cooler air.  I am in fact a sweater lover and the season fits in nicely. 

The changing of seasons signals a revamping of the social scene, people are gathering in more, back from holiday and ready to start new courses, social groups and of course distributing children to their various commitments.

Cooler weather does not signal an end of staff wishing they could work out of office now that they are back from their cabins, boats and world adventures, if anything it is quite the opposite. Let’s face it, a vacation should be just that, time away from the hustle and bustle of the office. Working remotely offers everyone a chance to maintain a work / life balance, not further extend vacation time.

Fall, and its glorious colorful resurgence of activity, is the best time to test your office’s ability to provide your team with the option of working remotely.  Offering all the tools to empower team members to work from anywhere can be very rewarding for the company and its employees.

A few recommended tools our customers use to enable a remote workforce are:

  • ShoreTel unified Communications.  With ShoreTel mobility your mobile workforce will never miss a call again with Find me Follow me. This brilliant feature enables callers to be automatically forwarded to the cell phone or home phone of your mobile worker. 
  • Published applications provides remote access to work applications.  Utilizing published applications offers remote workers the ability to access their information housed on a server back at the office, using a simple network connection and an app. 
  • Virtual Private Network.  A VPN provides your staff with a safe connection to your company’s network.  It guarantees that all the data you are sending and receiving is encrypted and secure from prying eyes when working out of a hotel or coffee shop for example.  A VPN connection is a good option for the occasional times when an employee has to work from home. 

Empower your team to offer their best and not be limited to working from the office.  When utilized to its fullest the rewards outweigh the investment.

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Dyne Day, Glenbriar Technologies Inc.  Service Desk Supervisor and Marketing Manager