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Why Email is Everyone’s Business

Jan 11, 2017

Email is a critical service for all businesses and should be addressed with a high level of importanceWhy Email is Everyone’s Business

Email Administration

Glenbriar Email Security

Jan 3, 2017

Glenbriar has partnered with Barracuda, a leading provider of Anti-Spam solutions to provide Email Security with Advanced Threat Detection.

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Discover how simple it is to empower a Mobile Workforce

Nov 6, 2016

Empower your team to offer their best and not be limited to working from the office.  

Work Life Balance

LifeCycle: The value and cost of maintaining a lifecycle for your IT infrastructure

Aug 26, 2016

Properly planning your computer lifecycle management


International Overdose Awareness day.

Aug 8, 2016

Building strong communities is a priority for Glenbriar

Building strong communities

The 3 Cs of an Effective Business Phone Offering: Communication, Collaboration, Control

Jul 27, 2016

Business phone systems traditionally haven’t been considered much beyond their ability to connect callers.

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What a Hybrid Communications System Can Do for You

Jul 20, 2016

Hybrid communications can bridge the gap between onsite and cloud

hybrid communications

3 Best Practices in Using Collaboration Apps

Jul 15, 2016

3 best practices to consider in choosing and using a collaborations platform

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Planning for Adversity: Ensuring business communication continuity with the cloud

Jul 6, 2016

Can you imagine the impact if your phone system goes down mid-morning 

cloud phone system

How SMBs Can Benefit from Cloud Communications

Jun 30, 2016

Today’s business environment is much different from 20 or even 10 years ago

SMBs and cloud

Deadline for a Free Upgrade to Windows 10 is Coming Soon

Jun 22, 2016

The deadline to upgrade for free is only 5 weeks away

Deadline to upgrade

Is Your Old PBX System Hindering Your Employees’ Productivity?

Jun 15, 2016

Does your current communications system meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce?

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Get the Most from Your Communications, in the Cloud

Jun 8, 2016

Consider the benefits of cloud communications.

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4 Reasons Why Cloud Communications Should be a Part of Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

Jun 1, 2016

We all know disaster can strike anytime—a broken water pipe, fire, weather event … 

Communications post Disaster Recovery

3 Ways to Achieve Enterprise-Grade Collaboration at an SMB Price Point

May 25, 2016

Companies of every size depend on their communication system

communications make the company

10 Ways Your Phone System Improves Your Customers’ Experience

May 19, 2016

Business competition in today’s economy is fierce.

10 Ways

3 Ways Cloud Communications Can Save Your Company Money

May 10, 2016

3 ways cloud communications can help your company save money and make IT a hero.

Cloud Communications

Communications as a Service: ‘Cloudifying’ the PBX

May 4, 2016

You’re already using other cloud apps, so why not make the economics of the cloud work for your communications system?


The PRI vs SIP debate continues…

Apr 27, 2016

A good analogy for comparing SIP with a PRI is the difference between owning your own car and taking public transit.

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