Building your foundation for the future

Information technology has long been moving from the traditional infrastructure model to the cloud. Glenbriar has been delivering cloud solutions to our clients for more than a decade. Cloud is a simple, reliable and affordable way to capitalize on high levels of service and uptime while enabling instantaneous business growth requirements.

Glenbriar Technologies offers full Cloud Services to help to unlock your organization’s full potential, focusing on efficiency, flexibility and of course, cost savings. Glenbriar Cloud Services provide hosted solutions for your critical business applications while reducing many of the expenses required for a conventional internal infrastructure.

Depending on your unique needs, Glenbriar’s Cloud Services Solution Team will easily customize a cloud design that makes sense for your business by using a private, public or hybrid cloud delivery model.


Designing the cloud solution that works for you


A hybrid cloud keeps your critical business applications on your premises and leverages cloud services to manage your non-critical business systems. A hybrid cloud delivers the scalability and cost savings while keeping critical data on premise and under strict controls.

A public cloud provides for off-site delivery of virtually any application over the internet. While offering the maximum level of scalability, mobility and cost flexibility, a public cloud solution is often not appropriate for organizations with critical data and security obligations, which may be subject to legal restrictions regarding location of and access to the data.

A private cloud allows an organization to exploit many of the advantages of a public or hybrid cloud solution, but with a keen eye to the levels of security and control you need to manage and retain exclusive access to your data and applications. Private clouds are most appropriate in areas where data integrity, privacy, secrecy or location is paramount, such as health care, defence, legal, energy, regulatory, financial and intellectual property.

Contact us today to explore how one of our Glenbriar Cloud Services Experts can assist you in determining the best solution for you and your growing business.